How To Grow The Sales & Profits Of Your Health & Beauty E-Commerce Business Without Spending More On Advertising

Most e-commerce businesses are missing out on dozens of opportunities to grow their sales and profits without any additional cost.

Sounds hard to believe?

Let me ask you the following questions:

  • Are you still sending your paid traffic to product pages or basic landing pages?
  • Is the upsell sequence after people buy your products able to generate a 25% increase in your average order value?
  • Do you have a marketing campaign powered by a “big idea” that none of your competitors are using?
  • Are you able to target customers that none of your competitors are targeting very cheaply using the concept of “market awareness”?
  • Are 30% to 50% of your sales coming from high-quality promotions that you send to existing customers, which cost you absolutely nothing to send?
  • Are you consistently testing new landing pages, upsell sequences, inserts in your packages and even your emails to maximize your revenue?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. After reading the points above, I hope you’re starting to realize that there are dozens of untapped opportunities in your business that could allow you to get significantly better results without spending more. More with less.

And it’s simply because…

As a business owner, it’s hard to identify the few things that could truly transform your business

It’s like the old analogy goes: If you’re on a boat and you drop an apple, it looks to you like the apple is falling in a straight line.

But to an observer outside the boat, the apple is definitely not falling straight.

Which one is a more useful view of reality? It’s obviously the view of observer outside the boat – because in fact, the apple is not actually falling straight.

The point is that when you’re focused on your business every day, it’s easy to overlook important things that could allow you to get more results with less time and effort.

But the good news is…

I’ve made a career out of identifying untapped “profit centers” in e-commerce businesses

Over the last 4 years, I’ve been responsible for over $25 million in e-commerce sales for my clients’ and my own businesses.

Among other things, I’ve…

That’s a very solid track record. This is because I’ve spent the last decade of my life relentlessly focusing on finding the very few things that matter for improving the marketing processes of online businesses.

Like I always say, there’s a million ways to add a million dollars in sales to your business.

But how many of those ways are actually cost-effective, and don’t require a huge investment of time and effort?

That’s what I’ve been focused on. Cost-effective and time-effective strategies for growing the sales and profits of e-commerce companies.

Curious to learn more about these e-commerce profit centers? Watch this free video that I recently published about growing your e-commerce business:

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But watch the video above first, and come back here if you want to learn more about that!

-Emmanuel Fredenrich